Vacatures: The Pool Eindhoven

Stationsweg 3
5611 AA Eindhoven , Noord-Brabant
T 0204228669

All day dining isn’t new what makes us different at The Pool is the choice and variety we offer our community. Today people move differently, work differently and think differently, so we believe this means the supply of healthy food needs to be created and offered differently. Today, just like culture, music, education and people are multi cultured and layered, so is diet, it is not about just one type of cuisine but more about a worldly intake that allows us to balance a healthy way of eating.  Our inspiration for fuelling this is the pantry of the modern Mediterranean.

 Why modern med?

A healthy mind and body needs a good mix of healthy food, The med supplies this, it has the widest and most easily varied mix of foods in the world, The mixture of grains, pulses, fruits, meats, oils have also influenced almost all cultures across the planet so it is also the most accessible diet. The Great Silk Road  is the unseen force that has shaped many of the cuisines of the Old World. It connected Europe to Africa through Arabia, Persia and India to China. Along with the exchange of goods came religion, cultural and food. So when we say med, we mean med on a wider level, we include not just Italy, France and Spain we see it as the Levant, Balkans and north Africa